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Day 3 - Forster or Fosters

A step back in time to George Forster and Mittleaschenbach or Tears before Bedtime

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Originally I pre-loaded this page with the title Forster or Foster as some witty repartee regarding the ancestor Forster v Fosters larger. The actual title should be the sub-title "tears before bedtime".

I've always thought that day 3 would be challenging. Getting up at 2am for a 4am flight, 6 hours in the air before going straight from Frankfurt to Fulda, where we are staying and then onto Mittelashenbach where Lee-ann's GGGF George Forster originally came from.

Well the first part went well. Awoke from 13 hrs sleep and felt refreshed. After 14 hrs flying the day before, 6 hours felt like a doddle. Straight through customs and we arrived at Fulda at 12:30 and we were on a local bus to to Mittelashenbach. "All wells" cried the Beefeater!

Well Mittelashenbach was and still is a small little village. GGGF George was a shepherd at the time, but no sheep here now. Cows and canola is the go now.

In retrospect we should have jumped out of the bus, took a few pictures and stayed on the bus for the return trip back to Fulda. Alas poor Yurok I didn't know it that well.

There was supposed to been a bus back to Fulda at 17:40. So we had about 3 hours in Mittelashenbach, a place with no shops or nothing really. SO it was a long slow second half to an already big day.

As you may have guessed, the bus never arrived. So how to get out of a village with no taxis? Thankfully another bus came along and we just jumped on it. It didn't take us to where we wanted, but it got us to a bigger town where we could get a taxi.

Long story short, we got back "home" by 17:30 and headed out to dinner. Lets just say that someone, I won't name names, got a little teary and I knew I was in trouble. I guess we were both two tired little tigers by that stage.

Reflections on Mittelashenbach. It is hard to know what would have been going through GGGF George's head in 1855. I don't know if there were any major disturbances going on in this area that would have hasten his departure. I did find a newspaper article where another (assumed relative) Forster sought permission from the "Landlord" for permission to travel to Queensland. So the yoke of feudalism was still in existence. Who knows, he may have just been sitting up on those hilltops with the sheep and thought "bugger it - I am going to Queensland - beautiful one day - perfect the next.

Village life was quite. The slow hum of agricultural life. Cows being feed ad milked. Thrasher machines being driven up the road. Horses being groomed for rides. The small gardens being tendered. The constant songs of birds (including the cookoo bird mocking us) drifted across the village and the sounds of the babbling brook as it traverses its way through this small village.

Well GGGF George. We came, but didn't conqur, but at least we know a little bit more of your life.

I must say that Fulda turned out to be a much more interesting town that what I thought it to be. Lots and lots of impressive buildings, churches and gardens. Will need to look up it's history upon my return.

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Day 2 - Sleep, sweet glourious zzzzzzzzzz

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Not much to report today.

Flew into Dubai at 05:55 after a 14 hour flight. Staying at the hotel built into the airport (do not pass customs and do not go to gaol), where the first and only priority is sleep. Up again in the wee hours to catch the plane to Frankfurt at 03:55.

This is the down side of travelling - getting there.

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Day 1 - Leaving on a jet plane

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"All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go"
"Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver"

Like heck I hate to go! The bags are packed and I am ready to go. All that awaits is the countdown to 21:00 when Emirates EK435 whisks us off to Dubai.

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